Chester Banaszak

Seeking People & Project Management Roles


Innovative, customer-centric leader with a unique background in large and small business, professional consulting, and healthcare enterprises. Proven track record in successfully examining an organization’s critical support requirements, recognizing deficiencies and potential opportunities, and developing advanced solutions for increasing reliability and improving efficiency. Seeking career openings to partner with organizations in designing, managing, deploying, and leading the maintenance of information technology infrastructure to generate measurable business results and drive growth.


  • Windows Server 2003, 2008
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • macOS 10.7 - 10.12
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Office 2010, 2013, 2016 for Mac
  • Apple for Business: DEP, VPP
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • PHP, MySQL
  • Wordpress development
  • Serverpilot, AWS
  • VMware vSphere, View, Veeam
  • Apple iOS, Android
  • Google Apps for Business, Postini
  • Ubiquiti, Fortinet, Meraki
  • Ricoh, Konica, eCopy, Kyocera
  • Addigy, Jamf Now, Jamf Pro


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I.T. Manager (3 Years, Present)
Software & Hardware Management:

Own all hardware purchasing, setup and service

Manage software & hardware inventory

Implement Content and Device Management

Own OS/software implementation and updates

Own and administer training to users

Email Service & Licensing:

Manage subscriptions & troubleshoot issues


Respond and solve all I.T. help desk requests

Provide accessible training resources and solutions to the field

Additional Responsibilities:

Network Administration

URL management

Refine and maintain I.T. systems and policies

Manage live video streaming (event-based)

Core Requirements:

Experience researching and implementing new technologies and best practices

Ability to execute day to day task while planning for future I.T. needs

Proficient in Mac OS & software use and troubleshooting

Knowledge of Apple iOS use and troubleshooting

Resourceful and an excellent problem solver

Core Behaviors:

Exemplify Booster’s four Core Values.

Integrity - We do what is right.

Enthusiasm - We positively engage other people!

Leadership - We develop intentional leaders.

Results - We do excellent work.

Take initiative go beyond what is required.

Have a hunger to learn and be responsive to feedback.

Freelance Web Designer and Developer (3 Years, 9 Months, Present)

Worked with clients to understand their needs and wants and propose possible solutions

Managed multiple concurrent projects to deliver finished products on-time

Prepared and delivered project estimates, proposals and presentations

Developed and maintained client websites to improve their online presence with better SEO

Broadcast I.T. Specialist (2 Years, 6 Months)

Execute, configure, and optimize multiple satellite feeds/receive links for audio and video quality. Monitor and adjust on-air signals, co-ordinate incoming video/audio signals with multiple clients/customers to ensure on air and recording quality. Dub, cache, and verify the quality of commercial, promotions, interstitials, public service announcements, and program or related material in order to prepare it for broadcast on all networks. Develop an understanding of the broadcast systems, facility, workflow and processes. Display a high level of understanding in cabling, connectivity and equipment installation and repair. Exhibit the initiative to properly complete tasks in a timely and professional manner with minimal oversight.


X75 Removal & Replacement: Completed the removal of old Leitch X75 processing amplifiers that were used to broadcast incoming signals into CNN Center. Replaced the equipment with new Harris Selenio frames to consolidate the amount of physical footprint, upgrade the technology to synchronize remote feeds, and switch any older SD inbound lines to HD paths.

Dev, Ref, QA Environments for CNN DRE: In complex technical systems, such as CNN's Digital Record and Edit systems which are comprised of multiple components and integration points, it is beneficial to have additional systems that are identical or similar to those that are used in production. Having the proper environments available provides teams with a means to perform their work efficiently, minimizing resource conflicts and the time-consuming and risky process of reconfiguring hardware and software for various scenarios. Because these systems can be costly, this project will initially seek to design, install, configure, and implement one new environment designated for QA.

CNN International HD Master Control Upgrade: Ran and terminated HD-SDI, Ethernet, serial, and audio cables throughout CNN's Atlanta facility to connect three new Master Control pods (Asia, Latin America, and Europe) for HD quality broadcast. Created a temporary workspace for International longform SD content ingest and review, which consisted of several Sony Betacam tape decks and Harris routers. Assisted in other preparations for additional related projects, including CNNI HD commercial ingest and control rooms.

BEST Command Center Web Portal: Designed and implemented an intranet portal that provided our engineering group with resources for accessing our reference documents and procedures, links to video trainings and enterprise software for managing video feeds, and keeping an updated contact list for our support clients. In addition to the designing the web portal, procedure documents for Quality Control and Commercial Ingest were re-written and updated.

Assistant I.T. Manager (3 Years)

Provided support in managing a network consisting of 100 users spread across 12 sites throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area. Primarily responsible for maintaining the company's primary servers– ranging from Active Directory, Exchange, RightFax, file/print, Openfire, IIS, VMWare vSphere, View, Veeam, Fortis, and CORE Solutions Cx360 EHR– at our data center location and providing primary desktop maintenance to local and remote users.


Server and desktop virtualization for all users with a VMware backbone (vSphere, Veeam, View, ThinApp)

Completely upgraded user base with applications for Windows Server 2008, Google Apps, and Office

Tightened HIPAA network compliance across the network with a new electronic policies procedure

Re-designed and re-branded Greenbriar’s web presence with a new layout and social connectivity

Led the project to rollout new Android smartphones to company administrators and managed them

Replaced the entire fleet of copiers with Ricoh models and synchronized them with our email/fax system

Standardized data service providers at all locations and connected them through Fortinet VPN tunnels

Implemented a local instant messaging application based on a Jabber client and server (Openfire)

Assisted in the rollout of a Panasonic KX-TDA digital hybrid IP-PBX system for the in-patient location

Coded a PHP/SQL appointment scheduling system to handle new client admissions and medical histories

Upgraded to an electronic health records application to replace our paper records system using CORE Solutions' Cx360 which had a MS SQL back-end and Crystal Reports engine

Network Engineer (1 Year, 3 Months)

Provided I.T. consulting and solutions, working in a variety of network environments. Worked both as the primary service provider and as the next level of support for my client’s own I.T. staff. Installed, configured, and troubleshooted: routers, firewalls, switches, servers, PCs and other network equipment, as well as having a working knowledge of backup systems, SQL, VPN, LAN, WAN, and wireless networking. Presented pre-sale technical support and developed I.T. solutions to fit a customer’s business needs.

Systems Administrator Co-Op (1 Year)

General responsibilities at Sherwin-Williams included performing routine administrative tasks, reporting on server monitoring and statuses, identifying trends based on data analysis, troubleshooting Windows servers and related issues, and extracting data using Excel, Access, and Bash programming.

Network Support Technician (1 Year)

One of several students employed on work-study to fix and repair student computers. Troubleshooting viruses and malware was the bulk of the job and virus removal was the end result. Employment also included going around campus to fix network port issues in the residence halls.

Corporate I.T. Intern (1 Year)

Interned at Chart Industries’ headquarters over the school year and summer of 2005. Headed a project to implement and maintain thirty computers in the corporate office. Participated in hands-on server rebuilds, sat in on vendor and worldwide I.T. meetings, and assisted on the SharePoint project for the company’s extranet.

Education &
Professional Certifications

John Carroll University

2005-2009 B.A., Sociology, Computer Science

Majored in Sociology, but also minored in Computer Science and concentrated in Catholic Studies. Inducted as a scholar of the International Sociology Honors Society (Alpha Kappa Delta). Volunteered in New Orleans on five separate occasions following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Member of Circle K International, Student Union Senator, Habitat for Humanity, Knights of Columbus, and the JCU College Democrats. Co-led a Christian Life Community of ten people. Acted as president for one semester of both the Sociology Student Association and Circle K International.

Honors & Awards

Booster Enterprises

Enthusiasm Award (Spring 2015 Semester)

For exemplifying one of Booster's core values "We positively engage other people"

Results Award (Spring 2016 Semester)

For exemplifying one of Booster's core values "We do excellent work"